The Klik Archive

This is an archive of old Klik & Play, The Games Factory and Click & Create games dating from 1995 to 1999.

K&P - Browse or download the whole archive (zip, 63 MB)
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Silky's - Browse or download the whole archive (zip, 36 MB) - games from Silky's old site (1997 and earlier), retrieved through Thanks to Marcello for pointing out the link.
Relive - Browse or download the whole archive (zip, 7.7 MB) - K&P games from 1995-1997 (see more at the bottom of this page), provided by Marcello.

Many of the games are probably listed on my old Klik Archive page, which I compiled in 1998. It includes contact details for most authors (i.e., email addresses that probably haven't worked in years). See Silky's pages for more probably-dead email addresses.

Note that some games appear more than once, e.g., under both K&P and Silky's.

/Anders Jensen-Urstad -

K&P		Colorz 		Datsun Simulator		Fred 2 		Hero's Adventure		Hockaloogie '96			Guys That Shoot (GTS)		Gordon's Transport System 2 		Jed 		Deadly Kickboxing 		Lizt 		Locked 2		Hunch-Back Lumber Back 		Megablast 		Missile Command Remake 		Mega Mad Bomber 		Molcule Man Extreme 		Mogo the Mole: Enhanced 		Quest of the Monk / V5 Showcase 		Maveriks Quest 		My gooriginal 		The Mystical Arena 		Alien Escape 		Bus Driver 		Gnop'97 		Netedit Pro 		Taxi 		Play Away 3 		Pax 		Deluxe Pong 		Pong 2000 Ultra 		Ace Racers 		Rat 2 		War is a Complete Rip Off! 		The Revolutionary War 2 demo <--virus? 		The Skeet Shoot Challenge 		Space Mouse 		Sonic Ball 		Sparky the Dog 		Super Speed Boats 		jSurvive 		Taba Soccer 		Terminator 		Terragon 		Tic Tac Toe 		Tonk 37 		Variety Pack 		Walkerton 2: Aliens Take Over SEMY 		Walkerton 3: Immaturity Day 		Wanderer of Absu 		Wave Runner 		Wonton 2 		Brother Island Extreme 		Yamada - The Ninja 		Zack demo 		Zodiac

TGF/CNC		Bubblechug 64 1/2 		Beast Wars: Feces Wars
htflip.exe 		Flipper 		Hydro		Gordon's Transport System3 beta 1.1		Gordon's Transport System 		Ignac demo 	IHWEC shareware 		Web Invaders 		James Blob - Golden Pie demo 1.3 		Komando Kent x2 		Laser Battle Ship 		LBC 		Lines Screensaver 		Live a Life
ll.exe			Lazer Lounge 		Locked 6
lost.exe 		The Secret of the Lost Statue 		Legends of the Darkstone 		Maniac Island 	Marcello's Life preview 		Mission: Caduceus 		Mini-View 		Gordon goes to Nimbin 		PacMan Unlimited 		Paladin 		PC Arcade 		Pedro's Day Out With the E3D Engine 		Person animator 		Pizza Driver 21 		Pong 2000 		Pong Kombat 2 		Poof Wars 		The Pyro Guy 		The QUANTUM platform game engine v1.0
rdemo.exe 		Racing Demo 		Robovac 		Rally Tournament 		Smiley III demo v0.3 		SnowBoarding 2 demo 		Space Combat 		Sudden Death 		SEMY Automatics 			Sim-Fish 1.0 		Sim-Fish 2.0: The Fishies Return!
SKBPapi.exe 		SKB Papi 		Smile Kombat Gold
smiley2.exe 		Smileys Adventure II 		Soccer Death 		South Park Mario 		South Park Mastermind 		Super Racing v1.04 		Super Pong 		Sword of Darkness Final Demo V.0.2 Tama-Creature-Fighter 		Super Tank Attack demo
tcv2.exe 		T-C v2 		Teen Squad - The New Adventure 		Transformers Fighting Game 		The Will 		The Lost Coins 		The Quantum Blade
tremgold.ZIP 		Tremor Gold T.V. 	Man's Adventure demo 		Twig 		UCP - A Project For The Masses 			Ultra Pinball 		U.S.R. 		Ian's Visual Assembly Emulator
walk4.exe 		Walkerton 4 demo?
WALKDEMO.ZIP 		Walkerton 4 demo? 		War Unlimited 		Western 		Wipe 'em 1.0 		Mr Hankey Saves Christmas 		Zeb

Silky's archive, <= 1997

With the grouping used on her site. All games have notes by Silky and/or the authors - click on the category to read them. (Thanks Wayback Machine!)
Maze/Ladders & Platforms
adirjack.exe		Joe Dufresne		Adirondack Jack
eggies2.exe		Zack Fowler		Eggies 2
gunrun.exe		Don McHoull		Gun Runner
maze.exe		Jeff Brophy		Maze Race		Weezrfan		Mouse		Dominique Poulain	Mr. Pack's Nightmare V2.0

PLATFORMS:		Forrest Wasserman	Memories of Bagman V2.0
bagade.exe		Chase Dahl		Ba'gamane		David Willis		Walkerton in: ALIENS TOOK MY DORITOS
dolomite.exe		Donald Wile		Dolomite		Larry Schneider		Grab The Gold
mjdemo.exe		Mike P. Vickner 	Monster Jr. - The Journey Home - Demo
monster.exe		Mike P. Vickner		Monster
morff.exe		Stoann			Planet Morff
ogres.exe		Robbie Martin & Tony Flamer		Ogres
prowler.exe		Zack Fowler		Prowler		Todd Spangler		Q*bert
setup.exe		Melinda Seely		Set'em Up

Logic Puzzles
8queens.exe		Peter Hoggan		8 Queens
25game.exe		Christopher Jay Craft	25#Game
cubix.exe		Christopher Jay Craft	Cubix		Karl-Johan Nilsson	Faces		Stoann			Indoor Fun		Stoann			KNPTRIS
tyler.exe		Phillip Tanner		Tyler

Shoot-em Up's
--		Dan Herlihy		F-14 Desert Raider		Stoann			Klikapede		Marcello Bastea-Forte	Laser Wars			Don McHoull		WAR!!!

Beyond Description
--		Jake Elliott		The Airliner Game		Philip Voystock Jr.	LoungeMan
mcb.exe			Brian Cardarella	Magic Cue Ball
peng.exe		John TS Jr.		Exploding Penguins
spam.exe		Robbie Martin		Spam			Edmound Hubbard		TicTac Dance

Board/Card/Computer Opponent Games
8queens.exe		Peter Hoggan		8 Queens
concen.exe		Maxis			Concentration	
slot.exe		Maxis			Slotus

Adventure and RPG Games
--		Brian S.		Creatures of the Night		Ambrosine		The Secret of Easter Island		Havoc			Fate		Ambrosine		Hero's Adventure		Ambrosine		Space Doubt		Ambrosine		Vampire


(from Marcello)

Rating scale
        1 - OK
        2 - Average
        3 - Good
        4 - Very Good
        5 - Excellent.

File          | Date       | Rating   | Description                                         |
3dbounce        11/30/1996      (3)     3D Pong game.
Bar             08/09/1995      (5)     Puzzle game, keep the customers served.
Begone          05/12/1996      (4)     Haunted adventure game.
Begone2         08/19/1996      (5)     Sequel to above.
Cdplay          08/22/1996      (2)     Plays midis in it.
Cop 2           06/06/1996      (3)     Simulation of a cop.
Eggies2         01/28/1996      (4)     Puzzle, solve maze puzzles.
Faces           09/17/1996      (5)     Tetris-like puzzle game.
Galactic        02/01/1996      (3)     Shoot-em-up.
Helico          09/22/1996      (4)     Scrolling helicopter game.
K&PTris		04/07/1996      (4)     Tetris clone.
KlkaPD          04/24/1996      (4)     [Klik-a-pede]  Centipede clone.
Laser           03/27/1996      (2)     Scrolling shoot-em-up.
Laser2          10/26/1997      (1)     Sequel  to above.
Leftfly1        03/28/1995      (3)     Side scroller shoot-em-up.
Pop             08/24/1996      (3)     Pang clone.
Prowler         03/01/1996      (5)     1-level platform game.
Qbrtold         08/27/1996      (3)     [Q-bert old]  Q-bert clone. Puzzle.
Seawar          09/14/1996      (4)     Semi-3D shoot-em-up.
Space           02/18/1996      (2)     Top scrolling shoot-em-up.
Sushi           03/11/1996      (3)     Scrolling platform game.
Xplowars        03/27/1996      (3)     Simple 'interactive screen-saver'-like game.